Writing can be such a time consuming process

I am still a month away from publishing my 5 book series but I am just taking stock of how I got to this point. The last 8 months have meant that I have dedicated up to 4 hours a day (over and above the 10 I spend at work) to writing. It has left very little time for...


Home for 10 days and now back for the final stretch of getting my 5 book series completed then published. Lots of frigging work.

About to finish the last two stories

After 6 long months of hard work every single day of the week. 4 hours a night after a 10 hour work day I am very nearly done with the books. May 31st was the deadline to write as many words and accumulate as many stories as I could, and I reached my goal and I am...

Even on holiday I am still working

Up in the mountains of Colorado for spring break with the kids. I am up to 130,000 words with a goal of 80,000 to go there is no time to be sitting on my hands. Still must keep up my 1000 words a day goal even while enjoying the snow.

Clocking the hours

My goal is to do 1000 words a day, with Tuesday and Wednesday reserved for 3500 each. Accounting for goofing off and writers block I budget for 10,000 words a week. 30,000 per month. Seems I go weeks without getting anything accomplished but in the last month it...

Day after day, it never gets easier

Every day I try to crank out 1000 words towards my goal of getting my latest book series finished. 1000 may not sound like a lot but some days it takes 2 hours of solid work. Some days it seems to take 15 minutes. But i cannot control how the inspiration hits me. I...

My best day of writing

Yesterday I had my best day of writing in my life. Completed 5000 words for a story for my new series of books on travel. Today I did bugger all. But yesterday was very pleasing.