Simon Willams had just one goal in life – to take the path less traveled. He discovered that everyone else who took the path before him was walking their dog and didn’t clean up after them.

He started writing as a way with dealing with a very diificult time in his life as he was getting in too much trouble at his job expressing his frustrations. He loves being free to say what he wants, when he wants. His employer not so much.

He believes that sarcasm is the only known antidote to the bullshit that the world is full of, permeating out of every pore of life like the sweat of a fat man eating jalapenos in a Swedish sauna.

Simon has done some incredibly dumb things but loves the idea that had he not done every single one of those things he could well not be where he is right now. He might instead be incarcerated in a Turkish prison, lying dead in a Vietnamese rice paddy, or worse.

He has experienced the complete spectrum of human emotions, from deep depression to exultant joy to complete ambivalence. That is what spurs his love to write about his life, when he is not enjoying being with mates, leaning against a bar, and sipping a cold beer.