I am still a month away from publishing my 5 book series but I am just taking stock of how I got to this point. The last 8 months have meant that I have dedicated up to 4 hours a day (over and above the 10 I spend at work) to writing. It has left very little time for other things in my life. Exercise, play, family. For most of that time I felt like I was pushing a wheelbarrow up a hill. I didn’t start with a well defined plan and was just writing for the pure enjoyment of writing, the expression, the passion.

Gradually everything started to take shape and that drove me even more. Now it has all fallen into place and I must control my enthusiasm to get my books published as soon as I can to make sure I have dotted my i’s ad crossed my t’s.

It is such a challenging, difficult but satisfying journey to write a book. One I will be forever grateful I embarked upon. It changes a person. It makes them look into themselves to find the good and the bad. It installs the confidence to stand on a hill and say, this is me.